A Christmas Feast - New Paintings and Ceramics by Garry Zeck

Paintings and Ceramics

At Gallows Gallery, 53 Glyde Street, Mosman Park

Opening Thursday 29 Nov 2012 and runs until Sunday 16 December


Artists Statement

Much of this exhibition is drawn from living in the Swan Valley, where the people who grow and sell their produce are so very different from traders who buy and sell. This connectedness is most often at the core of my Art. The style of expression I have employed was developed early in my painting career and allows a high degree of spontaneity and freshness. These, along with the quality of light and colours of the Valley have all contributed to the end result, a collection of work that is colourful, cheerful and an expression of my enjoyment of being part of this place. A great deal of time is involved in the preparation of each piece – getting the idea, the colour scheme and the brushstrokes I will use in place before I make a move toward picking up a brush or laying out my palette. Paint to canvass requires certainty of intent and once started there can be no deviation. This approach is essential with ceramics where there is definitely no second chance! Some Japanese artists who work this way suggest the ‘work’ needs to be done in one energy burst. It’s easy to understand how any interruption to the flow can initiate a reassessment of both the idea and the work already done - only to see the purpose of the painting slowly vanish. The finished effect of this style of painting is to make the idea and the rendering appear remarkably easy and simple – while, at the same time, allowing the emotion of the work to transmit uninterrupted.

Garry Zeck
29th November 2012

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