Zeckwerkz has been creating architectural ceramics for commercial and residential situations since 1998. We design, manufacture and install architectural ceramics, architectural and decorative metal design elements, large decorated ceramic urns, water features and decorative hand formed and tooled copperwork.



The renovation of an existing residence and the client’s interest in the flora of the coastal dune system along the nearby coast set the scene for this project

The client wanted a screen door to the entry that was secure and at the same time would empathise with the garden which was planted with specimens found in the local coastal dunes.

A copper facade was created and fixed onto a proprietary brand security door. The design incorporated large floating areas of beaten copper that would depict the distinct shadows formed in the dunes. These shadows become more obvious when viewed from inside.

The “flora” overlays the shadow areas and links them together structurally. Some of the “flora” are enamelled while other areas are burnished or patinated to highlight the design.

The client also wanted two ceramic urns to be located on plinths to either side of the front entrance.  These urns were also to incorporate native floral motifs referenced from the dunes.

Once the urns were completed the copper work framework was made. Copper flora were then attached to the framework.Some of the copper work was patinated to create highlights.

Drawings were produced for the manufacture of the terrazzo plinths. The terrazzo bases were designed to sit on the limestone plinths and elevate the urns.

The wide urn was unlidded and made with a drain hole to the bottom so water was directed to the rear of plinth. The tall urn was lidded and the copper work floral motifs were design to empathise with the shape of the urn.The glaze used on the urns was chosen to compliment the patinated copper work.

As the garden has developed other items have been commissioned. These have followed the original botanical theme and use of materials and glazes.

A birdbath was commissioned to add focus to a favoured morning spot in the garden and to provide a welcome bath for the many varieties of birds which frequent the native plants.

The ceramic birdbath has a perforated base which gives a lightness to the design and is suspended by a copper structure embellished with leaves and enamelled nuts which integrate the birdbath with the pergola and grapevine.




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