Zeckwerkz has been creating architectural ceramics for commercial and residential situations since 1998. We design, manufacture and install architectural ceramics, architectural and decorative metal design elements, large decorated ceramic urns, water features and decorative hand formed and tooled copperwork.


Commission to design and fabricate a security gate to front entry and a large ceramic urn.

The new residence overlooks the beach and Blackwood estuary in Augusta.

A Banksia motif was used for the infill panel of the security gate and laser cut into stainless steel

The design was composed by hand and transferred to a computer programme. It was then reproduced as a repeat pattern and scaled to suit the application.

The design was given to a fabrication workshop and the design was laser cut into the stainless steel. When the cutting was complete it was fitted into a stainless steel box frame which was fitted, on site, into the wooden frame of the front door.


The stainless steel security gate to the front entry

A large deep red entry door was fitted behind the security gate

A large ceramic urn with incised Banksia patterned decoration was created with a purpose made plinth for the new residence.

(Images: Paul DoneganĀ  Insight Photography)

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