Zeckwerkz has been creating architectural ceramics for commercial and residential situations since 1998. We design, manufacture and install architectural ceramics, architectural and decorative metal design elements, large decorated ceramic urns, water features and decorative hand formed and tooled copperwork.

City Beach

City Beach

Situated right on the coast at City Beach, we created a 16 metre long water wall that falls directly into a lap pool along the side of the house.

The site is open to the ocean on the west and has a high brick boundary wall along its northern side. The house wraps around and forms the east and south edges to the pool.

The residence has been designed around the pool which is the outlook of most of the internal spaces. This focus made the boundary wall to the north, which also forms the northern boundary to the pool, an immensely important element in the design of the house. 

 The Client’s idea was to create a water wall where the pool water could be diverted to travel down the wall and back to the pool, thus turning the boring boundary wall into an attractive feature integral to the pool.

The Client knew he needed something special for this wall and after endless research saw, by chance, a small Zeckwerkz waterwall at an exhibition. The form, arrangement and colour of the tiles gave him just the lead he was looking for and so set the tone for the commission.

We were contacted by the builder, on behalf of the Client, when the construction of the house was well under way. The pool had been formed and the basic boundary wall built.

The tiles are handmade vitrified stoneware hung on a stainless steel hanging system fixed into the masonry boundary wall. The tiles lap side ways and vertically to direct water into the pool. The tiles are decorated with an embossed pattern and formed to make the water move over them. They are glazed with matt green glaze.

The design, motif and decoration required some careful consideration as the wall was to be visually so significant and so extensive. The idea that the wall should reflect the movement of the sea with its never ending motion seemed in keeping with the site. We proposed the overall arrangement of the tiles would create one level of movement while the design of the individual tiles would make the water flowing down them create another style of movement.

The texture applied to the face of the hand formed tiles was underplayed, so it wouldn’t arrest movement of the viewer’s eye over the wall, but sufficient to obtain the varied responses the glaze was capable of making. Some of the tiles also had ceramic appliques, suggestive of shells and marine creatures applied to their surfaces.

Handmade glazed tiles with the same motif were also made to surround the top of the pool wall and the steps that lead into the pool.

The builder also suggested that we make ceramic panels which could be let into the two large wooden entry doors and a ceramic mural that occupies a position on the southern boundary wall adjacent to the entry doors.

The client purchased, independently a large decorated urn created by Garry at one of his exhibitions. The urn looks over the pool from the entry.

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