As in all great works, the success of the outcome is dependent not only on the quality of the idea but the standard of preparation and degree of attention to detail. Set out below is the process we use to ensure the finished project is well designed, finished on schedule and on budget and is tailor made for you. There are plenty of opportunities for you to make changes and ensure your needs are met in the early stages of the design process. We believe that you are a part of our design team and meeting your needs is part of the process that guarantees whatever is created for you is unique and in context.

The extent of the following stages will depend on the complexity of the project and in smaller projects some of them may be quite minimal. The inclusion of and progression through each stage ensures all issues are considered and resolved and are undertaken in an orderly and efficient manner.

Presentation of Studio Procedure

We believe it is essential for everyone to be on the same page at the beginning of the process. Early awareness of what is to be expected has proven, over the years, to substantially reduce misunderstandings and allow for the smooth running of the project.  

Concept Development

    • Collection of initial information and design criteria, including site visit/s and client meeting/s
    • Presentation of preliminary design concepts,
      • for ceramics and/or metalwork including design/patterning, texture and colour
      • for supportive infrastructure, materials and equipment, such as water delivery system, lighting and ancillary site construction
    • Ball park figure for project costs
    • Confirmation of design decisions and directions

Design Development

  • Development of colour, designs and materials
  • Development of infrastructure design
  • More accurate pricing of project

During this stage all the details are sorted out to make sure that everything fits together well and that all design decisions are in place. Where elements of the project are required to be made or supplied by others, design interface is resolved and prices obtained. These are presented to the client and confirmation is required to progress to the next stage.

Contract Documentation

Preparation of final documentation of the design and quotation for client confirmation and any drawings/specifications required for materials, equipment and construction to be supplied by others. A work schedule outlining manufacturing process and installation times is included at this stage.

Manufacture of product and purchase of equipment

All elements of the project are fabricated. There are a number of different processes involved in the manufacture of ceramic tiles and other architectural ceramics. The metalwork may be cut and hand tooled in the studio or may be cut and finished by others. A description of the specific type and manufacturing process will be described in the Contract Documentation.


All elements are installed on site.


This is where we make sure everything has been installed properly and that it works. There may be some final tweaking of the system required.


A maintenance schedule describing any actions required to keep the installation looking good and/or the system operating successfully is supplied. A list of suppliers and equipment specifications, including warrantees and guarantees, is included in the maintenance schedule.

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