Zeckwerkz has been creating architectural ceramics for commercial and residential situations since 1998. We design, manufacture and install architectural ceramics, architectural and decorative metal design elements, large decorated ceramic urns, water features and decorative hand formed and tooled copperwork.

Cottelsoe before

The challenge presented was to make a small light shaft an interesting space.

The clients were at a loss as to how to furnish the space and what they could do to make it an asset rather than a problem space.

Direct sunlight only hits the floor of the courtyard in the middle of the day at the height of summer and its proximity to the coast requires careful consideration of materials used. The main bedroom  is located on the upper floor and its primary outlook is a blank wall.

Commission to design and fabricate a security gate to front entry and a large ceramic urn.

The new residence overlooks the beach and Blackwood estuary in Augusta.

A Banksia motif was used for the infill panel of the security gate and laser cut into stainless steel

The design was composed by hand and transferred to a computer programme. It was then reproduced as a repeat pattern and scaled to suit the application.

Maylands before

A long narrow courtyard exposed to the relentless summer sun presented a good opportunity to use ceramics to advantage.

Both sitting and dining rooms open directly onto the long narrow courtyard which is bounded by a high masonry wall.
A large ceramic urn, used as a design element, was currently installed in the courtyard
A series of alternative layouts were presented to the client to determine location of the ceramic wall.


The renovation of an existing residence and the client’s interest in the flora of the coastal dune system along the nearby coast set the scene for this project

The client wanted a screen door to the entry that was secure and at the same time would empathise with the garden which was planted with specimens found in the local coastal dunes.

A copper facade was created and fixed onto a proprietary brand security door. The design incorporated large floating areas of beaten copper that would depict the distinct shadows formed in the dunes. These shadows become more obvious when viewed from inside.


This commission involved the design, manufacture and installation of three water features, in a new residential building.

Architecturally designed, the building is very organic, using natural materials, curved lines and lots of natural light. It is uniquely Australian, responding to our climate and landscape. The house is also understated, the facade belies the treasures within, which you come upon when you enter the front portal.


The design brief for this project was to create a water feature which would hide an ugly wall and transform a difficult location into a feature.

We were presented with a very challenging site as you will see from these images.
The new house occupied most of a rising sand hill site with the entertainment area close to the neighbours fence and an old retaining wall to the rear

City Beach

Situated right on the coast at City Beach, we created a 16 metre long water wall that falls directly into a lap pool along the side of the house.

The site is open to the ocean on the west and has a high brick boundary wall along its northern side. The house wraps around and forms the east and south edges to the pool.

The residence has been designed around the pool which is the outlook of most of the internal spaces. This focus made the boundary wall to the north, which also forms the northern boundary to the pool, an immensely important element in the design of the house. 

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